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Last London Lady Welcomes Design Shuffles Guest Post!

Hi, I'm Mari from Design Shuffle, a premier online portal where interior designers share their work and design enthusiasts find inspiration for their projects. It's exciting to be here visiting with you at Last London Lady. Today's guest post is about turquoise in interior designs. I love this gorgeous hue. As I search for beautiful rooms and outdoor spaces to share with blog readers, I'm drawn to images with turquoise elements, both in small accents and bold splashes. Perhaps I've developed a turquoise obsession. Have you?

Here are eight of my favorite turquoise-infused rooms. Please enjoy!

Before discovering this foyer, I wouldn't have expected to be drawn to a space with floor to ceiling pattern. But, the turquoise and white color palette is stunning and taking the pattern from the wallpaper onto tall draperies is a brilliant design move.

From a space swathed in color and pattern, we turn to a neutral dining room with one bold pop of color. This beaded chandelier provides just the right touch of turquoise, bringing a bit of fun to the dinner table.

Sure to please even the most turquoise-obsessed among us, this is as lovely as it is unexpected. Like the entry above, turquoise and pattern are everywhere. A mad mix of patterns is tempered by simple white linens on the bed.

Deep jewel tone blues can bring drama into an interior design. Add brilliant sunny yellows and subdued reds and triple the dramatic look. Gorgeous!

Versatile blues, especially turquoise hues, can hold their own with even the most ornate of focal points. Here turquoise plays its minor supporting role beautifully.

An ethereal pale turquoise makes this stylish bedroom even more lovely and appealing with the look of Paris in the springtime.

A romantic interior design like this would be lovely in white or pink, but dressed in lovely shades of turquoise it takes on the aura of a fairy tale come true and is sure to inspire lots of decorating ideas.

Turquoise and gold wallpaper brings this traditional space to life and gives it an updated contemporary vibe.

Are you obsessed with turquoise as much as we are? Find a surplus of gorgeous turquoise designs at

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