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Sublime Green

With the fall colors rolling in, I am loving deep fur tree greens at the moment. Green is the perfect color to make a kitchen seem warm in the winter, where you gather for hot tea, or fresh in the summer for a spring fresh look.

A kitchen is an area that is related to being clean, and often becomes the a gathering area for your family or guests. A slap of green on your cabinets could transform your space from retro-dowdy, to a rich and warm, evergreen space.

Here are some green kitchens that I love!


Color Palette

Like clothes, I go through phases with design. Right now I am really loving palettes of sultry blues, and  of course with it being Autumn I am especially into warm oranges, creamy linens, and shimmery chenilles. Here are a couple of palettes in their preliminary stages that I have began work on for a client.

What colors are you loving right now? On the catwalk....or in the home?


Hello Gorgeous

One show stopper that was seen at NYFW was 3.1 Phillip Lim's Pashli Mini. This foil gold mini purse has me drooling! Now if only I could scrounge up the money for it.....

What was your fave NYFW trend?

Available at 3.1 Phillip Lim


Sunday Market

Peplum Top: Topshop, Denim Harem Trousers: Mango, Sandals & Shopper: Zara, Vintage Afghan Necklace: Brooklyn Flea


Stylish Needlepoint Pillows

Now, like me I'm sure when you think of needlepoint pillows, you imagine your stuffy grandparents house with throw pillows of ducks, dogs, and cats...eek! Well do I have news for you. Needlepoint is so go LEARN!

No better yet, you can buy your very own stylish needlepoint pillow. Carefully hand stitched needlepoint pillows are individually crafted, so why not add a quirky hand crafted accessory to that dowdy chair, or even better....give one to Grandma :)

Stylish Needlepoint Pillows


Hampton Show House

This years Traditional Home Magazine's Hampton Show House in benefit of South Hampton Hospital,  was so brilliantly executed by all the designers involved. I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it this year (being my first show house), it was an amazing experience, and I got to meet some wonderful people. My boss Robert Passal was assigned the master bedroom, where he transformed the open space in to a fun, flirty, Hampton paradise. The mixes of apricots, greens, and cream linens were accented off of the custom wall paper by Black Crow Studios, and the thrilling apple green velvet custom bed took center stage quite righteously. I am so proud to have been a part of the team, it was an incredible experience.

Many of the other rooms were stunning also. Each designer, in my opinion really executed their own elements of design aesthetic in such a chic and stylish way. So bravo to everyone! Check out the pictures, I would love to hear feedback!

Bed: Custom by Robert Passal, Bedding: Sferra, Wall covering: Black Crow, Wrapped side table: Stephanie Odegard, Bone Inlay Chest: Robert Passal 

Who is ready to move in??? ha 

Daybed: Custom design Robert Passal, Rugs: Patterson Flynn, Fabrics: Schumacher

And now for the rest of the house....

Designed by Kate Singer

Entryway by Lee W Robinson

Basement Family room: Libby Langdon and English Country Antiques

Nursery: House of Honey

Great Room: Nancy Galasso & Skye Kirby for Lillian August

photo credit: Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

Photo Credit (and a huge thank you for the beautiful pictures) goes to Patrick McMullan

There are so many more rooms to check out! Just go to Hamptons Show House 2012, and become completely inspired!


Product Love: French Ceramics

I am loving ABC Home's line French Ceramics. Each ceramic piece is formed, and then has a piece of lace pressed to leave a permanent indentation in the piece. With each piece hand crafted there is no identical piece, so you will forever have something that is unique. They would make the perfect gift, or sit nicely on an old reclaimed farm table.



Last weekend at the Brooklyn flea market (which by the way I wold recommend to anyone when visiting NYC), my roommate and I came across the most stunning Art Deco dining chairs. After scoring an amazing deal we lugged our new brass and brown (yuck) velour upholstered chairs back to our apartment. Though I will be upholstering them, it sparks a thought to me asking myself what are the story of these chairs, who did they belong to and what was their home like. It is fascinating to me. I love their very broad backs with sleek brass finished cube-like legs. They are tres fanastic!

The Art Deco period is such an amazing period of interest in the interior design world. It became a widely popular style in the United States to break the revivalist tradition. The name 'Art Deco' comes from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, held in Paris, which celebrated living in the modern world. The term was coined and popularized in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where not only was the trend becoming obvious in most cities architecture, but in home design also. 

Since then, deco has been a consistently popular trend, always springing up in the most eclectic of spaces. Below are some contemporary art deco spaces, and how you can get the look!

 Love the use of colors, and sleek furnishings in this very traditional set home. With the high ceilings, and molded pilaster it certainly adds a modern take on contemporary art deco style.

I love that this space seems so relaxed with its very neutral hues of fabrics. The reason why I featured this picture is because the amazing geometric coffee table, which I think sparks up this very cottage-y feeling room.

Of course I am just obsessed with this bathroom sink area. The wallpaper helps pull in the brassy hues of the mirror and sconces. Anyone would naturally feel like they time travelled back to the deco era.

How fun are my new chairs that Talula so kindly posed for!

I can't wait to get them re-upholstered and looking spic and span.

Find the Deco in you...