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Posing Peacock

Have you ever seen an image and just lusted after the rich, vibrant colors in it. A tip from interior designers is to print/rip that picture out and slowly over time collect scraps and testers that pull those same colors. That way you can compare paint samples, fabric swatch's, pictures from magazines of accessories or furniture and see how they would look all together. This makes it so easy to create that vibrant look in your own home! Here is an example that I put together electronically, another way you can collect your 'scraps'.

From left to right:

Fabric- Designer Fabrics in Dynasty
Sunburst Mirror- The Grand Entrance (One Kings Lane)
Cushion- Zgallerie
Blue Birdcage- Etsy


Sequin Lucite Chair-
Gold Ceramic Stool- Made Goods
Wallpaper- Meuble Decor
Trunk- EVB Antiques

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