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Well, well, well...look who it is

Well, well, well....look who's back. That's right ME! And honestly I have no way of justifying why I have been so MIA recently other than I have been crazy busy. In a GOOD way! New York has treated me finely so far, and I couldn't be happier about my decision to move. I love love love my internship, and feel that I have definitely chosen the right career, I am obsessed!

As you can see, I certainly have come to the right place for interior design. New York has all there is to know about every nook and cranny of the design field, and I am learning so much! It truly has been such a blessing to have gotten the opportunity to do this, it is not often that dreams come that easily. So I am thankful for all of your guys support along the way.

So let's welcome me back, now that I am settled, and I promise to be more up to speed with my blog posting.

A picture from my new rooftop, overlooking Manhattan

Me in Central Park.
Wearing: Zara Dress, Anthropologie Belt, Sam Edelman Sandals, Chapnlle Purse, Stila lipstick in Exhilirating!

Another pic with the lipstick, just because I LOVE IT! xx


Kips Bay: 40th Annual Show House 2012

This year Kip's Bay Boy's & Girls club had some of the most prestigious designers of NYC design two apartments on the upper west side of Manhattan. It was my first show house, and it was an exciting experience. Here are some of the rooms!

'Kidz Rule' Laura Bohn Design Associates

'Sleeping Beauty' by Zoya Bograd

I love the amazing amount of light that comes into this kitchen, which so obviously reflects off of the patent white cabinatry. Though it is very much contemporary, their is a traditional flair added with the gas top oven that resembles an Aga. 
Kitchen by Robert Schwartz & Karen Williams

This room was one of my absolute favorites, and believe me when I say that the photo does it no justice. This room was so elequently executed with its hand embroidered canopy bed, dark laqueres antique furniture, and Moroccan/Asian enthused eclectics. The drapes seemed a little drab and heavy, but none the less it was still stunning!
Master Bedroom: Charlotte Moss

The whole idea of these show rooms is to create an element of fantasy when entering. A space that seems totally unrealistic to live in, but is full of imagination. This room by Charlotte Moss felt like you had just entered the secret garden with its tromp l'oeil wall dressings, and fake vines. It was such a fun space to explore, your eyes were just bouncing off the walls with all the incredible details in this room. 

Davis Scott's Gentlemans Study

This library had a really great art deco vibe to it. Unfortunatly the view is not pictured here, but this room looked over the river at New Jersey so that you could work at your desk and peer out at the wonderful view.
Library by Jamie Drake

This room fit for an artist entusiast was beautifully white washed like an artists canvas, with elements of color through the accessories and amazing wall murals. This room was elegantly executed. 
Le Bureau Prive by Raji Radhakrishnan

Rug by Filicia's collection for Safavieh, and fabrics are from his collection for Kravet.
Gallery by Thom Filicia

This room was another favorite. The aubergine walls against the limey colored green chairs created such a whimsical look, however the absolute best part of this room was the large brass giraffe attached to the wall. Sadly it is not pictured here :(
Dining room by Todd Alexander Romano

This showstopping foyer was the very first room we entered in the first apartment, and it was one to remember. With wallpaper by Schalamandre, this foyer had a very vibrant and fun beginning to the home.
Foyer by Bryant Keller

photos courtesy of So Haute


Garden Stool's


Black Crow Studios

This week at my internship we worked on one of our main projects for this summer, which will be revealed in July. Rob, my boss recently discovered this small business of three artists based out of California, Black Crow Studios. Each artist has a very unique style, and together they combine their works to make the most beautiful wallpapers. These are not you average wallpapers though. There is absolutely no repeating pattern whatsoever, and each on is forever unique because it is custom made for you. You can select you own color pallet and they will put together stunning artistic pieces that really make a room. Here are some of their works!

Stunning! And they have so much more to see check them out:


Sorry I have no recent blog posts, I have been so busy moving into my new apartment in Williamsburg, New York. I have also been busy getting acquainted with my new roomies! And tomorrow I start my internship, wish me luck!

Thought I would post this delightful coral accented room. So fresh looking, yet very warmed by the hues of orange's and coral's. So gorgeous! 


Shabby Chic Manhattan Penthouse

Yesterday I had the absolute privilage of joining my old boss whom I interned with last summer, Mrs Alana Guglielmo-Hearn in browsing one of Gary's Lofts in Manhattan. Alana's company Mixed Greens by Alana Rose, has been asked by a second time by Starbucks to design floral arrangements for their annual Holiday Party. However not only is Alana doing the floral design, she also gets to design the whole event!!! So exciting, AND guess who gets to help out for the event?!.....This girl!

I wanted to show you the before pictures because this penthouse is just to die for! And I am absolutely so excited to see how Alana is going to transform this space. She truly is the most talented lady I know!

 I love the amazing light that just pours into the apartment. Though it is staged to look like someone lives here, this is a space used strictly for events. Oh but what a dream it would be to live in this fresh, and crisp looking room. 

I love the distressed floorboards and walls mixed with antique reclaimed furniture. It's like having the country right here in the city. 

photos courtesy of

Please do check out Alana's website, and you can see the last Starbuck's event she did along with many others, and weddings.