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5 Way's to Spruce Up Your Office Space

In order to develop creative thinking and generate positive work it is extremely important to enjoy the space that you work in. Now unlike the pictures below, many people are shoved in a cubicle, or perhaps their own office. Though you may not think it important, the environment that surrounds you often reflects in your own work. If you want to be confident in your work, pay attention to your area and really make it your own. 

If you do not have an office where you can paint the walls, install a new light fixture, or clutter it to bits, here are 5 ways that you can change it for a temporary purpose. Until you get that promotion ;)   

1. Change Your Lighting

From left to right:



3. Crate & Barrel

4. Kirklands

2. Get Creative with your Walls


1. Frame some of your favorite photos of faces you enjoy to see
2. A wall decal can bring some fun to your space
3. Colorful drapes can brighten any space, or even a neutral drape with a bold print
4. Frame some fabric that you love

3. Color!

Orange is mostly associated with fire, sun, warmth, fun, and tropical images. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity. It is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Any design relating to the tropics, something fun, easy going and youthful should incorporate some type of orange into the design. A darker, richer shade of orange can be associated with autumn.

Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color. Yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes. Yellow is often hard to read when placed on a white background so designers must be careful when using yellow, that it isn't’t too difficult to read or notice. Though yellow is a bright cheerful color, as it starts to darken it, however, quickly becomes a dirty and unpleasant color. Yellow can also be associated with being scared and, cowards.

Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies use green in their logos and material to advertise safe natural products. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a "green horn". Green is becoming a very popular color in design for web sites.

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. It symbolizes mystery, magic, power and luxury. Purple is often used to portray rich powerful kings, leaders, wizards and magicians. Purple combined with gold can be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance. Light purple and pink is good for a feminine design and is a popular color among teenage girls. Bright purple along with yellow is commonly used in promoting children's products. It gives the appearance of something that is fun and easy to do.

White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh and good. The color of a fresh snowstorm brings up images of a peaceful and pure winter scene. White is a common background for Webster's as it is easy to read black or dark text on it. When used with a design using lots of negative space it gives a very clean look to it. White is also used lots for charities and non-profit organizations to denote something good and positive. Hollywood often portrays their characters in white as being good; the white horse, the cowboy with the white hat, the white wizard etc.  White usually is associated with being pure and almost heavenly. White is associated with hospitals, doctors, and heaven.

According to

4. Accessories (GET QUIRKY!)

left to right:
1. Speaker for iPhone-

5. Chair Decor!

right to left:
1. zgallerie
2. One Kings lane
3. Ikea


  1. Thank you for this very educational post on colours and various ideas on designing an office space. Lovely blog!

  2. Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. That's right; not everyone has the chance to creatively decorate their offices through paint and other permanent fixtures. Fortunately, your post can show people how to perk up their workspaces in a temporary but exciting way.

  4. Thank you for sharing all your creative concepts. No doubt a lot of people will definitely apply what they have learned from your blog. Good job!