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An Island Retreat in Ibiza

When Olivier Mourao, a well renowned and well travelled painter came across a run down building on the island of Ibiza, somewhere amidst the mold and cracked cement, he saw potential. Built by architect Juan Carlos Larios Martínez, Mourao looked at his new home like he does with most of his paintings- a blank canvas.

I love a good statement door, and especially with this house, it is important to highlight that there is history within the walls. I think this front door pays homage to the authenticity of the house, and yet is inviting, and very bewildering.

The stone pillars that separate the room give a cool effect with their heavy and very solid statue, and to counteract this neutral, a world of colors is burst in this room, from the lime green walls to the Baroque hand stitched chair. This room when looking at it, details the look of a mid 16th century European painting. 

I adore the neutral stripes lined along the walls of this room, it helps highlight the room as natural light pours in through the gorgeous large circular windows. The claw foot chairs, again pull from mid century european furniture. 

For me I find comfort in this room, through the use of clutter. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE a space that has been overfilled, taking away the art of the room. However Mourao meticulously hand picked each piece to fill the void of this house and make it his own. And that he did. A mixture of soft neutral hues are boldly met by colors from not only the art, but from the furniture down to the library of books.

Mourao and Stefani new from the beginning that they wanted to insert arched doorways into the home, to pull a middle eastern feel into the house, and show antiquity within the homes form.

The beautiful home is met by carefully manicured gardens, and a luscious swimming pool. Perfect for a cocktail.....or two.

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