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Interior Designer Crush: Amanda Malson and Jolene Huitt

So, I do have a confession to make, I have a major crush on two people.....not like that though, these two are AMAZING interior designers! Amanda Malson and Jolene Huitt, are two different designers from complete opposite walks of life who have come together as a team to become the incredible design firm Domicile Interior Design. With an eclectic mix of old meets new, this talented duet transforms spaces in an arrayed mixture of colorful blends where exotic prints meets traditional. Featured in magazines like High Gloss, Traditional Home, and Rue, this pair is gradually climbing the design ladder with their extremely contemporary looks and defined, stylized traits.

I love this rooms Asian inspiration. The two silk panels either side of the bed bring an authentic South East asian influence while the acrylic lamps that adorn the chic and intricately designed side tables, pull a contemporary harmony about the room. Also important to notice is the use of "two's" in this room. This is an important practice of Feng Shui. By matching objects either side of the bed this creates balance in the room as well as within ones self.

 This side tables sleek glass surface is showcases a beautiful array of vintage objects, from the porcelaine lamp, to the tiny pill boxes, and bone jewellery case. I love the circular wooden mirror, ties in some coastal flare by these two California desingeners. 

This beautiful white console table against a plush light pink wall is accented with collected milk vases and dusted gold lamps. The vases are easily found at any antique or thrift store for very cheap, they were the thing to have on your table back in the 1940's. Of course I just looooove the gold branch's set above the console, it is hard to tell if they are vintage or not, but they really do wow that space.

Just like my post about lucite furniture, acrylic accessories are at an all time high now also, giving this desk a very contemporary edge.

This bedroom to me is very Marrakech influenced, I love its boho prints and bold reds and corals. The faded hand stenciled wall helps to give the room a worn look, leaving your imagination to wonder whats old and whats new.

I adore this bedroom, mostly because of its dark walls which are very quickly lightened up by the luxurious egyptian cotton sheets, woolen knit pillows with lace stripes, and twill upholstered headboard. Mmmmmm gorgeous!

I love the very casual flair of this room, with the impasto canvas bringing in hues of blue and grey, it is quickly offset as your eyes are drawn to that color we all love, orange. The cashmere orange blankets so  modestly set on the rounded chairs bring warmth into the room, among the neighboring neutral colors.

Again these designers use lucite furniture to modernize this space, and place it next to a very traditional wing back chair, which has been upholstered to a very vibrant red.

Loving this collection of thin rimmed frames.

An bright and airy space, this room is feminine with its upholstered paisley ottoman, yet masculine with its color block satin drapes. A very enjoyable space.

The designers of Domicile Interior Design, Amanda Malson and Jolene Huitt!

Hope you enjoyed their designed spaces as much as I did, they have definitely become inspirational designers for me to follow!

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