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About Me

I am a 23 year old student from London currently studying in the US with a major passion for interior decor, design, and interior spaces. My love for interior design started when I was in my teens and as I went from scrap booking my favorite rooms out of books and magazines, to making memory boards I realized that pursuing a business degree was not right for me. After that I began self teaching myself about interior spaces, and decor as well as learning graphically how to design a room. I am now finishing up school in Colorado, and am going into the big bad world as a new young and hopeful interior designer.

Typically my style I would call fresh, clean, contemporary, rustic, and eclectic at times. I like to explore new styles in the design world and really broaden my knowledge of different spaces.

I began this blog because it was a better way for me to scrapbook my thoughts, pictures, and love for design. I also began it so that I could share these things with others, have input on up and coming products from other lovers of interior decor and really help expand my knowledge through everyday people/students like myself. I hope you enjoy my blog and do stop through again!