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Sublime Green

With the fall colors rolling in, I am loving deep fur tree greens at the moment. Green is the perfect color to make a kitchen seem warm in the winter, where you gather for hot tea, or fresh in the summer for a spring fresh look.

A kitchen is an area that is related to being clean, and often becomes the a gathering area for your family or guests. A slap of green on your cabinets could transform your space from retro-dowdy, to a rich and warm, evergreen space.

Here are some green kitchens that I love!


Color Palette

Like clothes, I go through phases with design. Right now I am really loving palettes of sultry blues, and  of course with it being Autumn I am especially into warm oranges, creamy linens, and shimmery chenilles. Here are a couple of palettes in their preliminary stages that I have began work on for a client.

What colors are you loving right now? On the catwalk....or in the home?


Hello Gorgeous

One show stopper that was seen at NYFW was 3.1 Phillip Lim's Pashli Mini. This foil gold mini purse has me drooling! Now if only I could scrounge up the money for it.....

What was your fave NYFW trend?

Available at 3.1 Phillip Lim


Sunday Market

Peplum Top: Topshop, Denim Harem Trousers: Mango, Sandals & Shopper: Zara, Vintage Afghan Necklace: Brooklyn Flea


Stylish Needlepoint Pillows

Now, like me I'm sure when you think of needlepoint pillows, you imagine your stuffy grandparents house with throw pillows of ducks, dogs, and cats...eek! Well do I have news for you. Needlepoint is so go LEARN!

No better yet, you can buy your very own stylish needlepoint pillow. Carefully hand stitched needlepoint pillows are individually crafted, so why not add a quirky hand crafted accessory to that dowdy chair, or even better....give one to Grandma :)

Stylish Needlepoint Pillows