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floral for the home

Considering that I did a fashion blogpost including floral I figured it would be fun to do one for the home. When researching floral items for the home, the amazing arrangement of colors that was presented in front of me were just visually delicious! It makes me want to decorate a room purely with fun floral prints. Though you may think that one floral print can be enough for a room, don't hesitate to introduce more. A mixture of floral prints can help off balance any neutral room while giving it a very visually pleasing look. Or even consider setting a floral pillow next to a nautical blue and white striped one on your sofa! If you find floral to be too girly, (or your spouse does), consider using subtle floral prints that perhaps share the same color value, like an arrangement of blues or greens. Since living with my boyfriend (going on three years now) it took him so long to understand what fresh flowers meant to me. He would say "they're a waste of money because they end up dyeing anyway?!", and every time I would plainly explain a house for me is not a home unless its dressed in fresh flowers. Meaning a house doesn't look lived in without some color and a welcoming fresh scent. So never think that floral is too feminine, there are always different ways that you can intricately introduce a floral print into your home.

floral for the home


I apologise that I have not done a blogpost for THREE days now! I am unfortunatly very sick with pneumonia. I promise once I am feeling up to it, I will do a whole bunch of fun posts.

Sneak peek: This coming week I will be showing a tutorial on 'How to make and upholster a headboard', and I will be uploading pictures of a project I am working on, where I am making two tile side tables. Stay tuned :)

P.S This is a picture of some roses that I took when I interned for Mixed Greens floral design company in New York last summer. This was at the amazing flower market. Aren't they stunning?!!!



Shirt: Boutique bought
Skirt and Clutch: H&M
Shoes: Qupid


Upholster Your Portfolio

Right now at school is crunch time for me. I have my senior portfolio due next week, which is one of the most important projects of my school career. I have to document and photo all of my pieces, and most importantly I want to do it in a style that exudes me. So that when the board opens it up they understand what my style is as a designer. To do this I new I wanted color, so I bought a gorgeous burnt orange leather backed folder from Office Depot, and ordered a canvas based Ikat material from a store online (If you order a sample you will get more than enough material and for cheap!). Steer clear from any silk Ikat, it is not a very tactible material. However it all seemed too bland, and this is where I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a tutorial on how to upholster the inside of your portfolio. Presentation is everything, especially in design, so I new I wanted to give my portfolio the pop of color it needed.

To begin, measure the back side of your folder, making sure to slip an inch of the ruler into the folder so that you have extra fabric for when we do step 2. My folder I measure 9"x9".

Next make sure and iron your fabric. This will be the only chance you get to do it.

Next, flip your fabric over and iron down a half inch flap on the three sides that will be exposed. So that means the fabric that will be tucked into the flap does not need to have this done.

Next tuck your fabric into the flap and set it into place where you will be gluing it. Making sure not to have any of the fabric overlap the outskirt of the folder. Then, peel back the fabric and apply a fabric glue with a strong bond onto the folder where you will be gluing your fabric.

This is the glue I used

Do the same for the bottom half by oversizing the fabric, ironing down edges, tuck in flap, and glue.



Clutch love

I absolutly love these horse clutch's from ASOS, they would go great paired with a neutral blouse, skinny jeans, and heels, or even a really cute cocktail dress! LOVE


Today I'm Loving: Hand Painted Tile

I came across this picture of gorgeous  hand painted tile that has been easily applied below each step on a staircase. I love the variety of patterns and textures as well as the pop of red to off balance the original color palette. You can see hints of Mexican style as well as a pull from the Moroccan culture in these tiles, and so it can really make a statement in any home. Also not only are these tiles durable, they are easy to manage and keep clean as a wipeable surface. Now, IF I had a staircase I would absolutely love to do this myself, as it seems such an easy project to do. However I do not, but instead I researched alike tile so that you can get this same affect in your home. A simple weekend job!

1. Meditteranean Tile in China Blue- here
2. Curculos Tile- Villa Lagoon Tile
3. Blue and White Tile Mural- here
4. Red and Blue Tile- Unknown source
5. Damaskus Tile- Lascaux Tile
6. Old English Tile- Arton Tiles
7. Blue Lace Mexican Style- here


Store Crush: Rocket St George

Oh dear, oh dear is all I can say after recently discovering a london based online decor website- I am absolutly obsessed. With its very vintage flair, Rockett St George offers an array of furniture and accessories that range from industrialized table and chairs, to quirky ink prints of animals. I absolutly love the rustic elements it has to offer, and it also manages to keep the young at heart with its eccentric collection of goodies. Here are some of my favorites, but do visit the site itself, because there is so so much more!

Coat Hook


Today was such a beautiful day, and I got so much done! It feels so great to be on top of things in my last semester of college. Moving to New York this summer is very nerve racking, but I am excited for my new position at HGTV and the amazing possibilities it could bring, just goes to show that if you really work hard, dreams can come true. x

Interior Inspiration: Johnathan Adler

Usually I am not one for a whole lot of color in a space, I tend to lean towards a room that is soothing to the eye with neutral tones and eye catching prints. However Jonathan Adler has it allll right when you want a fresh and contemporary space with lots and lots of pop. It only seems right with spring, that we delve into our inner selves and find the poppy colors within us. This year the fashion world has put to use a rainbow of colors, from cool mint to eye catching fushia, and coral orange. Even just a colored accessory could really change a space, and Jonathan Adler is a working pro at doing this. He eclectically pairs busy prints with bright colors while keeping a balance that would not over work the eye. Here is a look inside Adler's very own home, and how you can get the near same look!

Johnathan adler inspired