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Faux Bois

Faux Bois, translated in French as false wood, is an imitation that is artistically made by with different media. This look is the perfect way to make your space look organic, or even more masculine. It would be the perfect touch for a little boys room, or even for a man's chic apartment. Here are some of my favorites.

From top:

Cushion- Clayton Gray Home
Towels- Martha Stewart
Wallpaper- (available in 12 colors) Nobilis
Tripod Lamp-
Caserole Dish- Turee
Acrylic side table- Style Garage

I love how Faux Bois is used n the form of Aspen trees in this wallpaper.

This guest house is stunning, the very neutral gray wallpaper really helps to bring out the different tonal colors in the surrounding furniture. Also that beautiful light pouring in reflects so well off the paper, creating a larger looking space.

This faux bois wall paper has a very retro essence to it, and so I think it goes perfectly with this farmer tub.

How beautiful would this be in a little boys nursery? I love the periwinkle blue, with almost chalky looking aspen trees.

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