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3. The Cross Design
4. Bone Inlaid furniture
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6. & 7. Williams Sonoma

Today while browsing the stores in the nearby town Hanalei here in Kauai I came across an amazing decor store that has the most beautiful imported treasures. Amongst the hand woven blankets and rugs, the hand painted ceramic bowls, and the hand sewn kaftans, I came across a beautifully crafted bone jewelry box. I have been wanting a Bone inlaid piece of furniture for a while now, and where better to buy it than here in Kauai. I would show you a picture, however it was nicely bubble wrapped for my trip back tomorrow. Bone inlay furniture is made in the middle east and often imported to the western world as decorative pieces. They are the perfect object to really make the theme of any room.

Here are some spaces that are inspired by bone inlay furniture and accessories.

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