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Floral Frenzy!

I do believe we are in quite a frenzy right now....over FLORAL PRINTS! My time in New York so far I have seen floral everywhere. And with my first day at my internship with Robert Passal, I thought to myself well I want to be up to par with this floral phase. So I popped down to Zara and found these bad boys.

Perfecto! These will look great on my first day with leopard flats (much like the wonderful Olivia Palermo rocked) or with some sweet sandals, and a flouncy blouse. 

Here are how some celebs have shown off this look:

Faux Bois

Faux Bois, translated in French as false wood, is an imitation that is artistically made by with different media. This look is the perfect way to make your space look organic, or even more masculine. It would be the perfect touch for a little boys room, or even for a man's chic apartment. Here are some of my favorites.

From top:

Cushion- Clayton Gray Home
Towels- Martha Stewart
Wallpaper- (available in 12 colors) Nobilis
Tripod Lamp-
Caserole Dish- Turee
Acrylic side table- Style Garage

I love how Faux Bois is used n the form of Aspen trees in this wallpaper.

This guest house is stunning, the very neutral gray wallpaper really helps to bring out the different tonal colors in the surrounding furniture. Also that beautiful light pouring in reflects so well off the paper, creating a larger looking space.

This faux bois wall paper has a very retro essence to it, and so I think it goes perfectly with this farmer tub.

How beautiful would this be in a little boys nursery? I love the periwinkle blue, with almost chalky looking aspen trees.


My Interview with Fashion by He

Fashion by He, also know as The King of Fashion had asked me to do a fashion interview with him after scouting me on Please check out He's Blog, and the interview by clicking the link below! Thanks readers!


Interview Wear

Interview Wear

This week I am meeting with my future employers both for my job, and internship. To me, appearance is everything. How you look can really reflect on a persons judgement of your character, and with so many exciting new trends this summer, why not spend that extra money to make sure you look right for the part!

Store Crush: Gabby & Summer Classics Home

I'm back! Sorry for the absence! what felt like moving across the world became quite a stressful week, however I am here now in new home! And I am so excited to see what the future holds!

On our very very long road trip to NYC, we stopped to see some very close friends in Nashville, Tennessee.
The trip turned out to be truly amazing, we absolutely fell in love with Nashville. It is unbelievably beautiful...and the houses, oh do not even get me started. If you want to see a colonial styled house at its best, this is the place to go. The city is so clean, and the people are so nice, we almost felt like unpacking our bags right there and then :)

During our three days there, we went to an area called Hillsboro and I came across this very sweet store Summer Classics. It features all outdoor furniture, accessories, and fabrics to create the most beautiful outdoor space one could only dream about.

Some of my fave looks:

The best part of this store is their amazing array of outdoor fabrics. They really have paid attention on selecting fabulous prints, and relaxing neutrals to complete your outdoor oasis.

TIP: Outdoor fabrics are great to use indoors too! Because they are extremely durable (for pets or children) because of their thickly woven quality, and usually run a lot cheaper!

So instead of buying plush velvets, or pretty linens to upholster your dining room chairs, buy an outdoor fabrics that is easy to clean, and very very kid proof!

Aside from their beautifully handcrafted furniture, and materials they have a whole assortment of stunning accessories for the outdoors, so go and check them out! Also don't forget to peak at their sister store too!


Kobo Candles: Plant the Box

One of my favorite candle lines Kobo, has come out with their soy candle version of giving back to the environment. Not only do they have a whole new arrangement of amazing floral scents -the types you would find in an old English garden- but they have also made the packaging of the candle completely compostable. Meaning, once you have unwrapped your Kobo candle, you can bury the paper packaging, water it, and expect beautiful flowers to grow! Ever so clever. This would make the perfect gift this time of the year!


Last Days in Durango

Yesterday was the Taste of Durango which is a huge event where all of the restaurants will showcase their best food and drinks. It was the perfect time for me to say bye to some friends I will not see before tomorrow!

And so tomorrow begins our journey to New York. It is going to be a long drive, and I promise to try my best to do some posts along the way! 



Liberty of London

Liberty of London is not only one of my absolute favorite fabric and textile manufacturers, they have gone beyond their fabric making comfort zone, and designed some stunning stationary designs. Today while in my favorite local bookstore I picked up one of the Liberty of London notebooks so that I can make endless amounts of notes during my internship this summer.

Make sure and check out their beautiful clothing, fabrics, accessories, home and stationary!

20% discount off Taylor & Tessier Jewelry!

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Now go, go, go and get one quick! 


Taylor & Tessier!

My best friend from college and her boyfriend have developed one the most amazing and gorgeous jewelry lines, Taylor and Tessier. Their pieces are made with the most stunning colored stones that reflect Taylor's growing up in both Florida, and the amazing Mountains of Aspen, and are each delicately hand wire wrapped. As a booming business, picking up 32 new sellers across the country just this year I couldn't be more proud of how well they have done. More importantly I wanted to share their amazing work with you! I have been lucky enough to rock some of their pieces myself!

 Sting Ray Cuffs!

The colors are so exquisite, they brighten up my blog alone!


Agates, pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, and more! this team is so so talented, and ever better....they will custom make anything you like!

Meet the designers!

Taylor Dewind & Adam Tessier

Adam, busy cutting leather. 

Taylor in their Florida keys workshop.

Check out Taylor and Tessier yourself with the link below:

Or you can go to their Facebook page: