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10 Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

For the amazing mothers and wives in our lives, Mothers day is the day to say thank you for those special women. I absolutely love to make my own mothers day gift, it really puts a personal touch on something and shows that after the many hours your mum has taken care of you, you too can put the same effort into making a very special gift. Here are 10 gift ideas you can make for mum!

1. Create Memory Jars by taking old pictures and glueing on the inner wall of the jar. Makes a great display gift!

2. DIY Cuff- This bracelet would be so fun to make. All you need is to get yourself to the nearest thrift store and collect some old buttons and vintage broaches. Then with some of your fave scrap material, wrap the cuff and do a basic stitch on the inner face of the cuff. Then sew and pin your buttons and broaches on your cuff! Love it.

3. When I was younger my grandparents had a book made for me about my very own story. I'm sure over the years your mother has shared some of the funniest, saddest, and adventurous memories that have made your mum who she is today. So try compiling these into a book, or even better perhaps you can get your hands on HER mothers journals or old letters and put those into a book to shared. You can create this book here.

4. For your wife or mum, create this simple and sophisticated necklace with the children's or grandchildren's names on them, so she too can have always hold them close to her heart. Etsy is a great site to create this!

5. Using a shadow box (you can buy one from Walmart for $7), create a family tree for mothers day, by showing your crafty side.

6. Take two canvas's and with scraps of newspaper articles stick the pieces to the canvas using Mod Podge, and then paint in black and outline of an image.

7. This one is one of my favorites. Help mum stay trendy by taping off some ballet flats with painters tape. Then create a layer of glue and shake some glitter over it. Once dry, seal the glitter with Mod Podge, and Voila! Mum's got herself some trendy ballet flats.

8. Using a fabric pen and letters stencil, create a pillow with your mothers favorite lyrics, verse, or quote! So simple and chic!

9. Buy some fun envelopes and fill each one with a memory you love with your mum, she will love reminiscing on such fun and silly times!

10. Has you mum been meaning to travel, or buy something for years? With a shadow box create a fun money box to help her save for that dream to come true. Just print and stick an image in the background relating to that dream!

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