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New boots!

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Get the look for less!

My Design                           Pier 1 Design

I absolutely loooove Pier 1, however when it comes to seasonal things such as light up pumpkins I am just to torn to spend up to $79 on such a thing. So two days before thanksgiving whilst perusing through Walmart I cam across the exact look alike of Pier 1's straw pumpkins for $7 and came up with a plan. I bought two of them along with two packs of 20 count christmas lights (about $2 each). When I got home I simply pushed the lights into the pumpkins being careful not to damage the shell of the pumpkin and within seconds had my very own light up pumpkins. They look great on my table, and so I was pretty chuffed with the result! So compare $79 pumpkins to $9 pumpkins! Enjoy.

Our Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving was so special, we had family and great friends brought together by a great meal, amazing drinks, and lots of love and laughter. This is the first year that I have done any table decor for thanksgiving (because I suppose technically I am not supposed to be celebrating, but anything for some scrumptious food!) Nevertheless despite it being a long day of cooking, everything went so smoothly and the food was absolutely delicious. I will say that all of us "kids" did a great job of putting the dinner together, so pat on the back! Here are some pictures of how our Thanksgiving day went and some secrets of how to create the same look!

She was not too happy to be our mascot pumpkin for the day :) 

Too Cute!

Pink roses in a mason jar simply wrapped with brown tulle and yarn to give a rustic feel.

There were seven of us for dinner, and each one got a takeaway jar of hot chocolate personalized with their own name. This made a really fun and casual place setting for the table.

Cocoa, crushed Oreo's, and Marshmallows

I bought 3 yards of burlap and roughed up the edges to make this runner.

This was a fun DIY project that I will be blogging about next!

I absolutely love the elegance of stemless wine glasses.

These roses made from maple leaves were such a great touch and I found the idea here and then gave it my own touch with the spread maple leaf on the back and wrap with strings of burlap.

This was my result. Basic, casual, yet intimate. If you are wondering what the three squares in the table are, they are scrap tile that I got from a local tile store and put felt buttons underneath so hot dishes and bowls could be placed on the table, and giving the table another charming twist!

If you are wondering where the candles are (my favorite) don't worry there coming up.

Pimm's Cup: A classic English Cocktail, very refreshing and yummy

This candle fixture hangs elegantly above my dining room table, and it is my pride and joy. I drew up the design myself and then commissioned for it to be made by a local welder for about $350. It hangs about 5ft from the ceiling and measures 7ft x 3.5 ft. It is the perfect touch to make a room feel inviting, warm and intimate. The soft glow of the candles really gave a festive fall feeling and everyone absolutely loved it. I'm obsessed!


Thanksgiving attire...

Dress: In love with Fashion, Hat: Forever 21, Gloves: River Island, Shoes: Jeffrey Cambell

Boots: Alexa Chung, Sweater: River Island, Dress: ASOS, Bag: Topshop

Fur: ASOS, Turban: ASOS, Skirt: River Island, Cape: River Island

Thanksgiving table decor!

It is always nice to have festive decor for the table during the holiday season. For thanksgiving warm hues of orange accompanied by candle light and fresh flowers are the perfect way to keep a dinner table warm feeling, and bring your guests together. This year I will be trying my first Thanksgiving table decor and will be posting pictures on here so make sure and stop back. Here are some fun ideas for Thanksgiving decor!