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Say Hello to your Newest Graduate!

Apologies again for my lack of posts, this week has been quite the mixture of emotions, and stress! This week I graduated college with a degree in Art Business with a focus of interior design. I am the first in my family to graduate from college so you can imagine it was a very happy time for my family and close friends. My dad joined me from England, and I had friends from all over Colorado join me in celebrating. Though I graduated I still have the summer to work an internship and receive college credits, sooooo I'm not quite done yet....but just about there. 

My best girlfriends and I

My boyfriend Devin and I, he has been such an amazing support.

My dress is from Jones & Jones, a London based company.

My friend saw this mask and decided it matched my dress so well!

My crazy father!

AND!!! now would you believe, I am off to the island of......(drum roll please).....KAUAI! 

Territory of the American state Hawaii, we will be spending 10 days here with friends, as an amazing graduation gift from my boyfriend. I do promise to upload pics as we go! But bare with me because I am sure I will be having TOO much fun! 

Tomorrow my blog will be featuring an amazing guest post by Design Shuffle, an online look book of personally designed spaces by everyday people like me, to professional interior decorators. If you ever need inspiration on how to design any space, this is the place to go, it truly is a motivational site that will really get you in the decorating mood.

So do check back!



When picturing acrylic furniture, I find myself zipping back to the 1990's where lavish homes would display their finest crystal bar ware atop a plastic roller bar cart. I think it to be quite cheesy, however this same style has found its way back into style. Most acrylic furniture are used as nowadays to accent a room as an accessory. For example lucite chairs will adorn a sleek white dining table, or a plush velvet bench placed at the foot of a bed will stand upon four lucite legs. This exciting phase is quite inspiring to me. It would be simple to refuge a thrifted bench and re upholster it with a mint velour material, and special order the legs to fit. Here are some inspirational photos on how to decorate the same look.

Love this plexi desk, it gives such a glam and old hollywood style feel.

These chairs really help give the room a contemporary feel against its shabby chic sophisticated walls.

I love that this lucite chair is toned with a charcoal grey, it adds to the hues of black placed on and around the desk.

Wow, sho would not want a view like that, you almost don't notice the acrylic bed because of the stunning view. Heavenly!

My favorite of all about this style, is rich plush velour against the clear sleek acrylic. It really gives off a look of sophistication.

Such a sweet and girly vanity to do your make up at, there should be no problem with any clean up here ;)

This room with its tall ceilings and old moldings on the ceiling, give this space a very antiqued look, however these owners do not only bring in a contemporary piece like this lucite dining table. They also bring in this very casual seating to off balance that any homely feeling, and bring in a sense of casual comfort.

Love how these chairs reflect the natural light pouring in at this tropical paradise.

I love this foot-of-the-bed-bench. So casual, and really makes the room.

Here is a collage if items I found, I especially LOVE the desk and sofa, so very modern and luxurious.



Know Your Headboard

So who would think that there are different styles, shapes, and names for headboards?? Whilst studying interior design I learned that not only can the shape of a headboard change a look, but that they all have extremely extravagant old-english-posh-like names to go with them. I thought it was important to do a post about this because I think it is important to know what your talking about when shopping for a styled headboard, and who knows you may end up educating someone else about them, ha. 

Belgrave Headboard

Cavendish Headboard

Eccleston Headboard

Finsbury Headboard

Grosvenor Headboard

Portman Headboard

Redcliffe Headboard

Bonn Headboard

Hanover Headboard

Regent Headboard




Mosaic Tile Top Side Tables

Hi all!

So sorry I have been MIA, this past week was incredibly stressful for me with finishing up school and getting all final projects in. I did promise to reveal my mosaic tile top side tables that I made, and here they are!

Learn how to do this here.

I hope you like them! I was really happy with how they came out. It really has helped the end of my school year nicely and at my senior art show I had some great feedback given on them.

More posts to come! x


new orleans style

Three years ago around this time I travelled with a group of ten people to the beautiful New Orleans as an aid group for Hurricane Katrina. Though years had past since the disaster, many homes were still demolished and elements of the storm were still alive. Though it was a time of sorrow, it also was time filled with a lot of fun and laughter. Through the days, we helped repaint exteriors of homes, and by night we would roam the famous streets of New Orleans and listen to the jazz bands, and get covered with hundreds of Mardi Gras beads. New Orleans has some of the most gorgeous homes I have ever witnessed. With their very colonial build and white trim borders and wooden paneled exterior, it all seemed so whimsical. Like you were traveling back in time. Here is a sweet 'cottage' I came across (very unlike the cottages of England), and how you can shop the look for much less.

I love the sage green exterior and white trim, with outdoor fans, very typical in because of humidity in Louisianan homes.  

 The tall french doors help the room to appear taller an larger. I love the hue of dusty blues and grays used in this room. Very subtle and chic. 

Of course, how can you have an New Orleans home be complete without a Claw Foot bath tub. The grey marble sink bowls atop a wooden frame bring a contemporary mix to the room, however the stunning white wooden trim again makes it all very colonial-esque.  

 I am loving these burlap dining chairs, they tie in the neutrally stained woods of the floor and table, and also establish's a very natural feel when accessorized with this wonderful driftwood candelabra. 

Stainless steel countertops, and matching appliances help reflect the natural light and really leave a clean untouched look.

I love this very casual Ikat upholstered sofa. The green like the exterior of the house, brings together all the other natural elements of the house.

new orleans style

new orleans style by becka1565 on

New Orleans...


The transit line

My best friend and I after a long day painting

Our group all together with the sweet lady that made 15 po-boys for us each day! Such a gem.