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Say Hello to your Newest Graduate!

Apologies again for my lack of posts, this week has been quite the mixture of emotions, and stress! This week I graduated college with a degree in Art Business with a focus of interior design. I am the first in my family to graduate from college so you can imagine it was a very happy time for my family and close friends. My dad joined me from England, and I had friends from all over Colorado join me in celebrating. Though I graduated I still have the summer to work an internship and receive college credits, sooooo I'm not quite done yet....but just about there. 

My best girlfriends and I

My boyfriend Devin and I, he has been such an amazing support.

My dress is from Jones & Jones, a London based company.

My friend saw this mask and decided it matched my dress so well!

My crazy father!

AND!!! now would you believe, I am off to the island of......(drum roll please).....KAUAI! 

Territory of the American state Hawaii, we will be spending 10 days here with friends, as an amazing graduation gift from my boyfriend. I do promise to upload pics as we go! But bare with me because I am sure I will be having TOO much fun! 

Tomorrow my blog will be featuring an amazing guest post by Design Shuffle, an online look book of personally designed spaces by everyday people like me, to professional interior decorators. If you ever need inspiration on how to design any space, this is the place to go, it truly is a motivational site that will really get you in the decorating mood.

So do check back!

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