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Celebrity Home Crush: Donna Karan

Seeing as I am moving to New York in just FOUR DAYS!!! I thought it fitting to do a post on one of my favorite fashions designers New York digs. Donna Karan owner of the clothing labels Donna Karan and DKNY. Not only does Donna exicute amazing taste on the runway, she also does in her homes. With homes in both New York, and Turks and Caicos Donna has translated her love for Urban Zen aesthetics (21st century holistic minimalism) both in the cosmopolitan city, and the island getaway. 

This wide hallway is met by a gorgeous abstract painting which helps highlight some color in this very man made appearing home. With the stone-marble floors it the smallest accessories such as this paintings and the large arrangements of orchids which themselves exude so much beauty, that help feminize and soften the very sharp build of this home.

This room shows the perfect balance of comfort in the moleskin covered pillows against the white walls and stone finishings. Like Donna's Parrot Kay home, she has had custom made wide sofa's to give a very loungy essence. As the focal room, it is important to make the room inviting through the use of furniture and accessories.

Donna's sentimentality is broadly shown in this home. The black rimmed frames that each hold a special picture, show the love Donna Karan holds for her family, and her good friend the Dali Lama. 

"My home celebrates my family and friends, art and culture, and it holds the memories that are a part of who I am" Donna Karan

I love the slabbed leveling from the home up to the outdoor balcony. The sharp looking stone gives a sense of support and balance.

What a view!

This dining room has a charred look to it, along with the gilded stool (love), the room is brightened up through the use of natural light pouring in the nearby window.

This spa, includes a yoga room, massage table, and a steam, shower!

Products from Donna Karan Home 
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