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How to: Make your Own Scented Drawer Liners

Growing up I remember my Gran having every drawer in her house lined with the same matching rose paper, and every time you would open a drawer a waft of roses would fill the air in front of you. Now saying that, she bought the real deal drawer liners, and when creating my senior project: 'Tile Top Side Tables' (the big reveal will come tomorrow), I thought to myself I really need to fill this drawer with some stunning paper and line them myself. So that is what I did, AND I made my own little concoction to create that same rosie smell that I remember as a child. Here is how to...

Step 1. With warm water, steep a tea bag for 3 minutes (the tannins in the tea will help bind the essential oils)

Step 2. Remove tea bag and add three drops of clove oil, and any 4-5 drops of any essential oil of your choice (Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint, etc) I used Rose Absolute

Step 3. Add mixture into a spray bottle, and put at a setting where it will mist the paper

Step 4. Choose a paper that you like. I chose two sheets of a thick cotton based wrapping paper that I picked up from our local art supply store. Then find a sunny and warm spot in your home and drape, or in my case hang your paper

Step 5. Shake spray bottle and spray down paper, holding spray bottle about a foot away from paper (you don't want to drench your paper)

Step 6. Allow paper to dry for a half hour, then cut pieces according to the inner dimensions of your drawer. Use a Xacto knife, cutting board, and ruler to get a nicely clean cut edge

Step 7. I used mod podge to glue down and seal the cotton paper, which also gave it a nice gloss

Step 8. Step back and admire :)

Sorry for the poor photo quality, however I don't want you peaking until the big reveal.


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