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A Scent Can Make A Difference

When walking into any space a scent can make a world of difference. As humans we relate to smells, whether it takes us back to a fond memory, or has a relation to a time in your life, we make connections with aromas. So of course it is important when having guests into your home that they are welcomed with a warm cedar candle, or a freshly spritzed pomegranate room spray. Either way they will feel welcomed and warmed by a smell and your spaces smell will cue a memory. Smells have a profoundly positive affect on your happiness, so surround yourself with a good smell and you will have a happy, positive household. Here are some favorites!

Frederick Malle's Perfume guns are about as close as you can get to the scent of a cluster of lilies, with hints of rose, and jasmine. Created by Dominique Romion, this scent is sure to put the spring not only in your step, but in you home aswell.


Fleurs de Fete by Voluspa is a mixed aroma of sweet roses, white narcissus, tuberose, and butter creme cake! (Sound delightful), with its sweet white decanter diffuser this scent gives off warm subtle hints and last for up to 6 months!


Diptyque, a very well known Parisian fragrance line, carries some of the most glorious scented candle you may ever know. With an array of floral, spicy, and woody scented candles, this little candle alone can completely scent an entire space with its rich aromas, and last for hours after blown out. This particular candle to the right 'Opopanax', holds extracted scents of resin with hints of balsamic. All around a very cedar-y and quite masculine finish.


L'Artisan Parfumeur produces a lovely line of home fragrances. This fragrance to the right has hints of fig (my favorite smell), and gives off a very earthy tone, with very sweet notes.


Jo Malone is a company I have fond memories of. Growing up my mother and aunt would douse themselves in Malone perfumes and creams, and dot their houses with candles. Malone fragrances typically hold very strong, and rich smells. This diffuser that has aromatic scents of lime, basil, and mandarin gives of a tangy citrus scent for the home, leaving a crisp and clean scent wafting through your space.


Creed  Mimosa Soleil Spray has it all in the name. A bubbly aroma of sweet meets tangy smells mixed into an all natural concoction (alcohol free), this scent is sure to really give off the wealthy affect.


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