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new orleans style

Three years ago around this time I travelled with a group of ten people to the beautiful New Orleans as an aid group for Hurricane Katrina. Though years had past since the disaster, many homes were still demolished and elements of the storm were still alive. Though it was a time of sorrow, it also was time filled with a lot of fun and laughter. Through the days, we helped repaint exteriors of homes, and by night we would roam the famous streets of New Orleans and listen to the jazz bands, and get covered with hundreds of Mardi Gras beads. New Orleans has some of the most gorgeous homes I have ever witnessed. With their very colonial build and white trim borders and wooden paneled exterior, it all seemed so whimsical. Like you were traveling back in time. Here is a sweet 'cottage' I came across (very unlike the cottages of England), and how you can shop the look for much less.

I love the sage green exterior and white trim, with outdoor fans, very typical in because of humidity in Louisianan homes.  

 The tall french doors help the room to appear taller an larger. I love the hue of dusty blues and grays used in this room. Very subtle and chic. 

Of course, how can you have an New Orleans home be complete without a Claw Foot bath tub. The grey marble sink bowls atop a wooden frame bring a contemporary mix to the room, however the stunning white wooden trim again makes it all very colonial-esque.  

 I am loving these burlap dining chairs, they tie in the neutrally stained woods of the floor and table, and also establish's a very natural feel when accessorized with this wonderful driftwood candelabra. 

Stainless steel countertops, and matching appliances help reflect the natural light and really leave a clean untouched look.

I love this very casual Ikat upholstered sofa. The green like the exterior of the house, brings together all the other natural elements of the house.

new orleans style

new orleans style by becka1565 on

New Orleans...


The transit line

My best friend and I after a long day painting

Our group all together with the sweet lady that made 15 po-boys for us each day! Such a gem.

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