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Do It Yourself: Vintage Picking

For this generation the latest craze is to snoop through local vintage and thrift stores to see what peculiar, or fun finds they may come across. I personally love to find something that I can re-furbish or make use out of but not for what it was originally made for! I love browsing through dusty, overly packed vintage stores and think to myself what is this? or, who did this belong to? or, what is this objects story? It absolutely fascinates me. If you do not have a keen eye for what to look for when going to a flea market or vintage store, here are some things to look out for. You will be quite surprised of what other uses can come into play!

Collect vintage trays and use them as decor on a wall for an antiqued shabby chic appeal

Old faucets can be painted in bright colors and used as clothing hooks

An old frame can be used to carry jewelry. You can see my version of this here.

Old burlap bags can be used to upholster furniture.

This fun idea has a fishing rod horizontally placed, with frames hanging from it.

Re-purpose an old mirror and paint it a flashy color.

Use an old step stool as a side table

A collection of vintage frames can make a great collage of wall art

Frame vintage maps

Vintage cans can be used to display flowers

Some of my finds....

Collect mason jars to display flowers, candles, utensils, paint brush's, etc.
This photo is from my thanksgiving dinner last year, you can view more photos here.

I found this wooden tripod and turned into a light fixture. The lamp shade I got from target, and it now sits in the corner of my living room, one of my favorite finds!

These are Swedish hand painted butter plates, and I am reusing them as coasters in my living room.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, Thank you for all your sweet messages! 

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