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Rustic Beauty

When thinking of a homely (or homey for you Americans) space, I often think of a room that feels lived in through its use of space, surfaces, textiles, materials, accessories, etc. When I came across this gorgeous and very casual rustic bungalow, the idea of 'home' sprang straight to mind. With its stunning mix of found objects placed in a contemporary space, and its hues of natural earthy tones, I could not help but just love it more and more. I find this sweet little home to be the perfect place to entertain all ages. You can picture a family growing in this home, and creating fond memories within these walls.

I adore the stainless steel countertop, placed upon a frame of reclaimed wood. It really adds a clean sheen to the room and ties in all of the surrounding stainless steel appliances. Also the Industrial lighting must reflect beautifully off the countertops when night comes around. 

The black matte industrial bar stools help to tie in all of the old rustic elements of the room.

The plain faced white cabinetry helps complete the extremely clean surfaced room of the kitchen, and also helps bring more light into the room with reflections from the floor to ceiling windows. Also the very natural stone backsplash relates to the whole country rustic feel of the room. 


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