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How to upholster a window seat!

This was a relatively easy project! With the right materials on hand you can make a basic yet elegant window seat. I chose a neutral colored linen so that I am able to dress it up with cushions, and leaving opportunity to match it with any other colors! To make a window seat you are going to need wood, upholstery fabric, memory foam, scissors, fabric glue, a heavy duty stapler, a sharpie, and upholstery nails (optional).

To begin with find a piece of scrap wood from any hardware store and cut it to fit nicely into your window seat. I used a plywood that was about an inch thick. 

Next I placed the plywood on top of the memory foam (you can buy this cheaply at Walmart) and drew an outline around the wood with a sharpie.

Talula decided she wanted to help!

Then use your scissors to cut out the outline you just drew. I made two sheets of foam for extra thickness.

Then put fabric glue on the wood and set the foam on top and allow to dry for half an hour.

Once its dry lay your fabric out and place your window seat board on the fabric with the foam facing the fabric. Pull the fabric tight and begin to staple around the perimeter of the wood.

Then finally measure out 1 cm apart for the upholstery pins and use a hammer to fix them onto your seat.

Here are the results! There are some wrinkles in the fabric but you can take an iron to it to get rid of those. 

Talula loves it! 

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