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Do it yourself Twine Chandeliers!

Today I came across these fantastic string lanterns that are so chic. They could be used above tables for a centre piece, in weddings, for christmas decor, or even in a child's room. And the best part is they are so so easy to make. All you will need are the following: balloons, glue, yarn, a tray for the glue, 1/2 a cup of corn starch, 1/4 cup warm water, fast drying spray paint, vaseline, and fishing line.

Step by step instructions:

1. Inflate your balloon full enough to make a really rounded shape
2. Coat the balloon with Vaseline, this way the twine will not stick to the balloon once the chandelier is       dried and the balloon ready to pop
3. Mix the glue, corn starch, and warm water until it is at a smooth consistency
4. Pass the string through the mixture and start wrapping the balloon at a vertical angle before going in other directions
5. It is recommended to suspend the balloons in the air and let them hang to dry
5. Tie the ends when done and either tuck the ends under crossing strings, or cut them to give a seamless affect
6. Wait a good 24 hours for the chandeliers to completely dry before popping the balloons
7. Once the balloons are popped, spray the chandeliers with fast drying spray paint 

And there you have it! A great display is by making multiple of the chandeliers in different sizes to give a really contemporary/geometric fun look! 

And there you have it! Post any pictures on my blog to show me how it all turned out!


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