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As the days are getting colder, you want to just cozy up on your sofa wrapped up in something fuzzy and hibernate with the rest of the animals for the whole winter. Winter time is the perfect time to unravel the fur and give your room(s) a cozy and warm feeling, or even welcome your feet when stepping out of your bath. Now don't get me wrong, I am a major animal activist and so not much of a fan of killing an animal for the sake of their fur, however you can always opt for faux fur, and still get that high quality softness that your looking for. Faux fur are made out of synthetic fibre's, and are not only used for clothing and furniture, but even used for teddy bears! So it is possible to get that soft teddy bear feeling throw. In recent years Ralph Lauren and Chanel have introduced faux fur into their collections, and have really bumped up the value in the faux fur industry.

I really love a chic fur throw or blanket to put over a bed spread or even to lay casually over your sofa/chair. Such a simple touch can really create a room, and set the warmth that it may be lacking. Here are some gorgeous examples of how designers make use of fur!

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