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Today I'm Loving: Hand Painted Tile

I came across this picture of gorgeous  hand painted tile that has been easily applied below each step on a staircase. I love the variety of patterns and textures as well as the pop of red to off balance the original color palette. You can see hints of Mexican style as well as a pull from the Moroccan culture in these tiles, and so it can really make a statement in any home. Also not only are these tiles durable, they are easy to manage and keep clean as a wipeable surface. Now, IF I had a staircase I would absolutely love to do this myself, as it seems such an easy project to do. However I do not, but instead I researched alike tile so that you can get this same affect in your home. A simple weekend job!

1. Meditteranean Tile in China Blue- here
2. Curculos Tile- Villa Lagoon Tile
3. Blue and White Tile Mural- here
4. Red and Blue Tile- Unknown source
5. Damaskus Tile- Lascaux Tile
6. Old English Tile- Arton Tiles
7. Blue Lace Mexican Style- here

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