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floral for the home

Considering that I did a fashion blogpost including floral I figured it would be fun to do one for the home. When researching floral items for the home, the amazing arrangement of colors that was presented in front of me were just visually delicious! It makes me want to decorate a room purely with fun floral prints. Though you may think that one floral print can be enough for a room, don't hesitate to introduce more. A mixture of floral prints can help off balance any neutral room while giving it a very visually pleasing look. Or even consider setting a floral pillow next to a nautical blue and white striped one on your sofa! If you find floral to be too girly, (or your spouse does), consider using subtle floral prints that perhaps share the same color value, like an arrangement of blues or greens. Since living with my boyfriend (going on three years now) it took him so long to understand what fresh flowers meant to me. He would say "they're a waste of money because they end up dyeing anyway?!", and every time I would plainly explain a house for me is not a home unless its dressed in fresh flowers. Meaning a house doesn't look lived in without some color and a welcoming fresh scent. So never think that floral is too feminine, there are always different ways that you can intricately introduce a floral print into your home.

floral for the home

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