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Santa Fe

Our trip to Santa Fe was just beautiful. We experienced the heart of mexican traditions in the most beautiful town. With its amazing art, Santa Fe is colorful in so many ways. We ate delicious food, toured beautiful galleries including the famous Georgia O'Keefe, and I drooled over the amazing fabrics and ceramic made artwork, it was just magnificent. Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Originally built in 1880, the St Francis hotel is a gorgeous arrangement of southwest flair, along with european church like feature with its crisp white walls and religious features.

Candlelight helps light the spacious hotels foyer

Handmade fabrics imported form the middle east and local native american tribes colored the hotel and the whole town, giving off a very hispanic, warm and rustic feel.

Our room was beautiful, with its handcrafted furniture created by local artisans, and its soft Frette Italian linens lining the bed and the headboard. The character of the hotel really came out when you saw the quaintness of the rooms, the old creaky floorboards, the vintage tile, and the tiny doorways. I loved it!

The hallways were lined with old framed hotel book logs, listing visitors that stayed in the hotel in the 1800's and how much the fee was to stay. Also framed, were old pictures of Santa Fe where donkeys dragged carts down the once cobbled streets, and the adobe style housing leading you to the oldest church of the town, St Francis Cathedral (hence the name of our hotel).

Eclectic arrangement of religious pictures and cross's, beautiful.

Every store was so quirky in its own way.

Beautiful hand painted tiles lined the outer walls of stores and housing.

A sweet little garden we came across, covered with hundreds of lights wrapped around trees and wooden awnings. 

Dried chillis.

We came across many little markets like this that stretched down the backs of alleys.

Award winning, most amazing breakfast I have ever had. Their chocolate chai's and banana walnut pancakes were just delicious!

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