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Stylish Aztec!

Tribal prints are all the hype right now, both in fashion and design. Though there has been controversy in the fashion world of completely using the some of the tribal prints, I think it is important that these amazing works of arts that have been made for hundreds of years by native tribes, are shown off with pride! I have so many native american friends after going to school in Colorado, and after learning from them about their amazing culture, I feel so lucky to have gotten insight into their lives.

Especially now being in the design field, I find it important to know the background and story of these prints rather than thinking they look good to the eye, and there in style right now.

These prints can bring so much vibrance to any space, and the nice thing about the fabrics is that they work in winter or summer. Here are some spaces I love, and how you can get the look.

Get the Furniture....

Bench- Wisteria
Barrel Chair- Barrymore Furniture
Bamboo Chair- Vintage at Jayson Home
Ottoman- Viva Terra

Get the Accessories...

Left to Right:
Bathroom Accessories-
Wallpaper- Cavern Home
Lamps- Kaboodle Vintage
Cushion- Pony Rider
Glassware- Sun Country Santa Fe

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