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When shopping at Urban Outfitters the other day I fond these fantastic acid etched letters. They are about   10 inch's tall and are extremely lightweight. Each one A-Z comes with a uniquely stenciled body and look absolutely perfect on our newly built reclaimed barnwood shelving unit. I will take pictures and show you how great they look next to some of my favorite design books.

Speaking of design books, here are a couple I bought over the holidays that are perfect for every amateur designer, or even professional.

Design Sponge by Grace Bonney tells the fantastic story of a journalist turned professional home decor blogger, and shows insight into many of her most favorite spaces. However thats not all there is to offer, Grace and her team also feature a section on how flower arrangements as well as the basics of decorating your own space.

Domino the book of decorating is a step by step guide through each room in a house and tells you how certain spaces can be accented by the space a mirror can create to the right shape furniture for your room. And it also comes with such a beautiful cover.

If you love the magazine, you will melt once you open this book. Elle Decor's book shows a unique compilation of some of the most elegant and contemporary spaces across the world. With a great foreword by Margaret Russell this book will leave you wanting to see more and more.

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