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Make this for under $30!!!

I got this idea off of Pinterest, and could not resist giving it a try. For under $30 I found this side table for $17, bought 'Pebble Grey' quart sized matte paint from Home Depot for $5, a double pack of door knobs for $4, and an endless amount of pins to make the gorgeous nailhead trim for $4. Here is my step by step on how to make it yourself!

First off make sure and clean your surface of any dust or dirt, especially in the back corners and the inside of the drawer.

What you want to do next is sand down your surface. You will do this so that the paint has a rougher surface to be applied to rather than a sleek surface giving it a streaky appearance.

Once you have sanded your surface down, you can begin to apply your first coat of paint. Make sure and remove any hinges, knobs, or tracks so that you are able to paint freely. Follow the recommendations on the back of your paint pot on how long to let your paint dry between coats. I ended up doing 2 coats of paint, however yours may differ. The picture below shows the paint kind of splotchy because the paint was drying, but your paint was always even out once dry.

 Once your piece is dry, use a ruler and a very light pencil (easy to erase) and mark out your design for your drawer. I went with a similar design to the one on Pinterest that had a four leaf clover design. Make sure and mark how far apart you want your pins to be. This is CRUCIAL! otheriwse you will end up with a very uneven look.

In order for me to be able to hammer the pins into the oak, I took a nail and would begin a hole into the wood leaving a big enough indent for the pin to fit into and giving it enough leeway to be hammered in completely. Again, this could differ according the the kind of materials you are using.

Once done make sure that all marks are erased from the wood, and then decorate accordingly. Enjoy!

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