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I have a slight obsession with my nails unfortunatly! And whilst sitting by the poolside I realised that one of my nails was beginning to chip, that meant they all had to come off and time for a new color! My go to color for nails is a light white-pinkish color. I love it because it creates a very clean just-manicured look and its a great neutral for any outfit. Also it looks fab with a tan, so I decided to go for it. I do have a nail ritual, which I am willing to share, however if your going to do it make sure its in this order. We will start right after the step of removing your old nail polish, and you have buffed and used an emory board for shaping. xx

1. Essie 'All In One Base'- Protecting base coat, helps to strengthen nails with enriched vitamins, and creates a smooth layer on the nails for your polish coats to be painted onto

2. My favorite nail color by Essie, Allure. Gives a gorgeous shiny pink clean looking color.

3. Liquid Palisade by Kiesque- Gods miracle for nails. Apply this laquer around your nails and surrounding nails after you have applied your color. It will help any bleeding or mistakes dry and peel right off giving that just manicured look, even if you did it yourself! Liquid Palisade

4. Essie 'No Chips Ahead'- Chip free top coat, works miracles, and lasts a good week and a half.

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