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One of my absolute favorite elements that can be exposed in a house, is the use of an old beat up rustic brick wall. Its timeless qualities can really display a buildings history and emphasize its uses over the years. A brick wall can be a key aspect of really making a room feel cozy and lived in. Used as a back drop for a bed, or to hang contemporary works of art, it can really apply to any given design style.

I particularly love the idea of implementing contemporary pieces with natural woods and chrome appliances, with pops of fresh colors dotted around the room. A more romantic way of accessorizing an exposed brick wall is to use softer neutral colors, with drapey linen curtains, burlap throw pillows, reclaimed woods with rubbed steel fixings and rustic tonal elements. An antique chandelier can make the room, giving it a really authentic, old feel, while displaying a warm array of light.

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