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10 Interior Design Secrets that Everyone Should Know!

Design shuffle is the equivalent of Lookbook, only for interior designers. You are free either as an interior designer to upload photos of your spaces that you have created, or just follow along as a member and rate, like, and fan designers profiles! I absolutly love this website and follow it religiously. So of course when I saw its special piece for today: "10 Secrets from Interior Design Professionals Everyone Should Know", I couldn't resist sharing it! so here we go.

1) Put your furniture at an angle: Most people position their furniture against walls and everything at a 90 degree angle. Bad move! Positioning your furniture at an angle will elongate your room and also adds an unexpected feel to your home. An area rug at 30 degrees from your sofa will visually invite you into the living room and tie together any joining rooms

2) Use what you have: Decorating does not always mean going out and buying a whole new set of furniture! Use what you have and slap on a few coats of paint to instantly give your furniture a whole new look. Mismatched pieces? Paint them all the same color to instantly tie them together

3) Add Punches of Color: That small guest bathroom or that boring foyer normally have little furnishings. Adding floral wallpaper or a bright electric color will give it the punch of color it needs. Experimenting with color and patterns in these areas is great because you don’t need to match it to furniture and accessories

4) Paint Your Ceiling: A great DIY ceiling mural is a wonderful way to add charm and custom detailing to your home. An easy way is to slap on a fine coat of sky blue and sponge on white clouds to create some depth

5) Buy an Over Sized Mirror: A huge mirror leaned on a wall will open up your space and create the “wow” factor every home need

6) Splurge on a Piece of Art: Invest in that large piece of art you have been dying to have – you deserve it! This will not only make a statement in a bland room, but is a great way of add some character and personality to a room

7) Throw on Some Pillows: Add a few throw pillows that match colors in your carpet, drapes and upholstery. This is a great way to change your decorating according to seasons. For fall, switch your pillow covers to burnt oranges, browns, and blacks. For spring and summer a bright pink, white, and turquoise is a great fit

8) Let the Light Shine In: Natural light is by far the best way to make a room look bigger and brighter. Tone down the heavy drapery and opt for something sheer and light colored. Mirror tiles are a great hit this season and will reflect light making your home even brighter

9) Ghost Furniture: Using clear chairs, glass dining and coffee tables is a great way to make a small space look larger. The trick with clear furniture is that it visually will not take up any space and is a great investment to any home

10) Be Yourself: Adding an unusual piece you love to your home is always a great idea. A big grand chair or a funky piece of art that doesn’t really fit can add personality and humor to your space!

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